Use Patents in the Public Domain to Create Brand-New Products in Nearly ANY Niche!
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re: Getting Geniuses and Creatives to Work for You for FREE...

Imagine having the world's smartest and brightest people work for you...for FREE! I'm not talking about your average person here...these are individuals (and corporations) who represent the most creative and innovative minds who have ever lived. How could their skills, their ideas, THEIR GENIUS, impact and change your business?

I sounds like a pie-in-the-sky dream, except that it isn't a dream...if you understand the secret.

What secret, you ask? It's a secret that Fortune 500 companies have know about for years and leverage it EVERY day. It's a secret that has literally shaped the world we live in today. AND it's a secret that YOU can put to work for you as well!

That SECRET is Expired Patents!

There are TWO primary categories of Patents worth focusing on:
  • Utility Patents – 20 years from filing date : Issued for the invention of a new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or a new and useful improvement.
  • Design Patents – 14 years from patent grant : Issued for a new, original, and ornamental design for an article of manufacture.
Now consider these CRAZY Statistics: 
Patent Statistics to Pay Attention to!
There are 8+ Million Patents in the Public Domain.
Over 300,000 NEW Patents Issued EVERY Year.
50% of ALL Issued Patents Expire Prematurely Due to Non-Payment of Fees.
98% of ALL Issued Patents Never Make It to Market!
Read those statistics AGAIN and you'll understand WHY Patents represent exciting opportunities!
People Believe They Need to Reinvent the Wheel...They Don’t!
I hear SO MANY people complain that they “don't have a creative bone in their body” as a justification for why they haven't created their own products to sell. What they fail to understand, however, is that they don't NEED TO!

Expired Patents present us with the opportunity to leverage the creativity and innovation of others to bring-to-market products that should have seen the light-of-day but didn't!
98% of ALL awarded patents NEVER made it to market! Why?
Not a Good Idea to Begin With...
Some ideas simply should NOT be patented. It's a waste of both time and money. Perhaps the inventor realized that and moved on. Perhaps they just needed the pretty piece of paper to hang on their wall.
Fear Got the Best of Them...
Perhaps the inventor was afraid of failure...or success. They get SO attached to the patented idea that they don't follow through with the execution. One step at a time!
Ran Out of Money...
This isn't uncommon because many inventors have such a narrow focus that they feel they have to do it all themselves. Collaboration doesn't occur to them or they just make it hard. Doesn't have to be that way!
With what we will be covering in this brand-new training, you will discover how to side-step ALL those issues and more. We will look at the pitfalls and success strategies to ensure you're headed in the right direction for creating products the original patent holder likely never even considered!
Introducing...“Public Domain Patent Hacks”
In this BRAND-NEW Public Domain Workshop, you will discover how you can easily tap into the creative innovation of industry leaders...FOR using Patent content available in the Public Domain. Using this genius-level content, you will be able to create unique new products...some of which you may have never considered before! 

Here is what we will be covering in this ALL-NEW Workshop:
  • Module One:​Research Hacks – In this module I will reveal newly-discovered research strategies that uncover, not just historical patents but recently expired patents as well (see statistics above).
  • Module Two:​Invention Hacks – Remember the 98% of awarded patents that never made it to market? This module will reveal how to leverage those failed patents to identify licensing and product opportunities.
  • Module Three: Patent Illustration Hacks – In the past I've shared some product options related to Patent Illustrations. This module will take those strategies to the next level.
Patents represent a wide-open creative content opportunity that, up until now, ONLY people in-the-know were capitalizing on. That changes with this training! With this training, I will reveal what you need to know to get started in "hacking" this Public Domain content to create your OWN products! 

This is honestly going to be an exciting training that you definitely do NOT want to miss! 
Your Investment TODAY...
This workshop easily shares enough value and insights to justify a $197 price point...but I also recognize the importance of getting this information into as many of your hands as possible. This is an amazing opportunity that you have likely not considered and NOW is the time to take action to ride the wave. The demand for the types of products we're exploring has been increasing steadily for the past several years...and it's ONLY going to increase exponentially in the coming years. What I love most is how adaptable these types of products are...they apply to most niches and markets out there! 

For those reasons and others, I am positioning this workshop so that YOU can make an EASY buying decision, which is why I have decided to decrease the Introductory Pricing to...
Just $197 $97
Introductory Pricing...
Just $67
Your Wise Investment TODAY includes:
  • Access to the LIVE Webinar Trainings 
  • Ongoing Access to ALL Video Replays and Materials
  • Course Slides PDF from All Three Modules
  • BONUS:​“Products From Patents” Video Training
  • BONUS:​A Deep Dive Into Patents (Module from “Public Domain Reboot”)
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